Digital Wallets

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Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay are Here!

Introducing a smarter and faster way to pay.

Enjoy a digital way to pay! With 60% of Americans currently using a digital payment service, we recognize the need for digital payments and are excited for you to enjoy the convenience of a digital way to pay!

Time is precious. Digital payments provide a quick and simple way to make secure purchases. Each wallet has its own unique security features and provides you with flexibility on how you choose to pay.

How Do Digital Wallets Work?

Abandoning your real wallet for a digital wallet is easier than you think. With a payment app, your First New Mexico Bank, Las Cruces debit cards can be stored in your digital wallet right on your phone, ready to use online or at a store wherever you see the pay wave icon. Mobile payments work just like regular transactions. All you have to do is wave or tap your phone, and you’re done. Easy.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Digital Wallet?
  • SECURE: It’s hard to know which tech tools are really safe to use, but digital wallets are actually one of the best options out there to keep your information protected. If someone steals your wallet, your cash and cards are gone just like that. But digital payment apps are based on encryption software, meaning your information is secure and less likely to be hacked. In fact, payments from digital wallets don’t even use your actual card number, but instead a token that’s only good at that merchant for that transaction. That means if a store or company ever experience a cyberattack, your numbers and private information won’t get stolen!
  • LOSE YOUR PHONE?: Make sure you enable a screen lock on your phone. You can select from a PIN, pattern or even your fingerprint. No matter which option you chose, you should be asked to enter your pin every time you wake your device. As added precaution, you can always contact the bank and we can remove your debit card from your digital wallet.
  • SAVES TIME: Check out with your phone – no need to carry your card. Tap-to-pay transactions are often quicker than chip insertion at the point of sale.
  • CONVENIENCE: While not every merchant accepts digital transactions…YET…a large majority do, and more plan to provide those services in the future. When paying via your digital wallet, you are able to complete transactions in an easier, faster and more secure way.
  • EFFICIENCY: Say goodbye to filling out tedious checkout fields while you shop online or fishing through your purse for your loose debit card in the drive-through. Your digital wallet will make your transactions seamless and simple.
  • NO COST: Making the switch from physical cards and cash comes at no cost to you! Most transactions via your digital wallet do not come with any associated fees.
Digital Wallet Setup is Easy:
  1. Verify that your mobile device supports Tap and Pay (Android Lollipop 5.0+ or iOS 8.1+)
  2. Download the mobile payment app of your choice (Apple, Google or Samsung Pay). Many phones already have a payment app installed, so you may be able to skip this step!
  3. Follow the app’s instructions on how to upload your financial information and review and accept the terms from the card issuer.
  4. Setup may be faster by taking a quick snapshot of your card during the process.
  5. Then choose your First New Mexico Bank, Las Cruces debit card as your default payment option.
  6. Pay with your digital wallet. If you are in-store, it is as simple as opening your digital wallet app and holding it up to the payment terminal.

    See below for further instructions on a specific wallet.

With Digital access growing faster than ever, what are you waiting for?
Set up your digital wallet today or give us a call with any questions at 575-556-3000.

Do you have other questions? We’re here to help. Our bank is local—like you—and we’ll work with you and for you. Let’s get started!