Debit Card Control


Debit cards offer convenience.  Now, you can safeguard your cards: you can “freeze” and “unfreeze” your debit card when you aren’t using it!  Card control will allow you the freedom to manage and customize your card usage and settings from the convenience of your First New Mexico Bank mobile banking app or through online banking!


Features and Benefits


Block all transactions with a quick click of a button.  Freezing a card will make it unusable anywhere until card is unfrozen. 
This control can be used to disable a lost or stolen debit card!

In Person Only

Block all internet and telephone transactions.  This will help combat fraudulent online transactions.

Freeze International

Allow only U.S. based transactions. This can protect you against foreign fraudulent transactions.

Transaction Limit

You can now block transactions greater than a *limit you set.

*NOTE: The bank’s daily transaction card limit for purchases is $1,000.

How Can I Sign Up?

Mobile Banking App

If you are already using First New Mexico Bank mobile banking app and online banking, no further registration is required.

  1. Simply log into your mobile banking app
  2. Find and select the new Card Control option under the main menu
  3. Select the debit card you want to setup controls for
  4. Click on the button to ‘freeze’ or ‘unfreeze’ the card

Online Banking

You can also perform Card Control maintenance from within online banking.

  1. Login to online banking
  2. Card Control is found under the User Setting
  3. Click on the ‘Freeze’ button for the card you wish to disable

Download the First New Mexico Bank mobile app and begin using it today!

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